Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is my mission to support the fixing, re cycling, up cycling and making of your own stuff. I believe it is creative, empowering, satisfying especially today where we can be living in a throwaway society.

I believe the easier it is to find what you need to make, do or replace, repair refurbish your own the better. Just because new is cheap it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better J

Stuff I Sell

I want this website to provide quality haberdashery products to help sewers & diy upholsters by making it easy for you to easily purchase zippers, threads and tools for sewing projects To supply continuous zipper for cushions, Velcro style adhesive hook and loop for those projects around the house. Have recliner handle/cable replacement available for repairs and upholstery studs and tacs to buy for recovering chairs stools lounges etc.

Inspired Sewing

I aim to provide Products and information all about sewing and upholstery. I care about what i do and like to provide good service…i will also be researching and referring other good useful sewing and diy upholstery tools available in the marketplace.

I have found that having the right tools to do what you want to do can be the difference between hard yakka or getting the job done easily.

I want to invite other to share the tips and time saving tricks or skills, and start by sharing some of mine.  Sewing is creative, fun and very rewarding just as re upholstering anything from stools chairs to lounges.


It is just a buzz…I often sit back and look at something I made…and i enjoy it….

Especially if it is reasonably well made and looks good. Just little thinks can make the difference.

A cushion can go from baggy, sloppy to tight and professional with a few minor adjustments.

If you would like to show us what you made , share an article , sewing or upholstery tip then see our contribute details or contact us