7 Steps to Easily Replace a Recliner Cable for your Arm Chair or Sofa

7 Steps to Replace Your Recliner Cable

Tools required:- Philips screw driver or drill bit

  1. Turn recliner upside down… and open the recliner arm.
  2. Pull the recliner arm mechanism backwards and take out the hook from the opener (that is the hook at the end of the tail of your cable).
  3. Find the plastic clips and pull on them so that they come out of the recliner arm unit.
  4. Now turn your recliner on the side and remove the screws in the recliner cup handle.
  5. pull out the handle and the entire cable attached which includes the tail and hook you just loosened on the underside.
  6. Now take your new recliner cable and place the new cable into the hole where the old handle was and feed through until the recliner handle can sit
    where the old one was originally. Now move where the dustcover is to pull through the cable at the other end and begin to pull it through to position
    it where the old cable was. Leave it hanging loose for now and go back to the handle and put the screws in to keep the handle in place.
  7. Once the handle is screwed into place again, you can turn your armchair or lounge upside down again. Move the recliner mechanism back to open position and
    and then find the plastic clip (which is at the start of the tail of your cable). Push the plastic clip into place in the position on the recliner arm where you removed
    the original one. Now Push back the little arm part, so you can easily see the hole to hook your tail end hook into.

Now your done! It is always easier to watch how to do this so I recommend to watch the video below.

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